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jamie was flogged twice at fort william after he was taken there when BJR + his buddies came to ransack the place and so they whipped him there and then took him to fort william -- we hear the fort william story of those two floggings in more detail later

Thank you for the explanation - I was pretty confused.

Someone needs to put Black Jack down with extreme prejudice ASAP but I suppose there won’t be a story if they did it this early. Ugh, he gives me the extreme creeps and not just because I know what he does later. Now, that’s someone who should not see the outside of a cell. Or a psych ward.

Outlander question

I am completely confused so maybe a kind soul can help me figure it out?

Jamie says he was flogged twice, once for trying to escape Fort William and the second time for theft - from context, it’s clear he was flogged AT Fort William (how would someone flog him for trying to escape the fort before he got there? And the theft thing was after that). 

But when we get that flashback with Black Jack and his Rapey Soldiers, he’s flogging Jamie outside his house, in a makeshift sort of set-up, to get his sister to bed. 

So I am completely confused - is this an extra flogging that Jamie doesn’t even count because that sort of thing is so common in his life (yikes!), what’s one more beating as long as it’s not too scarringly severe, or am I confused and it’s supposed to be one of his two floggings at Randall’s hands - the escape/theft thing?

I realize it doesn’t matter either way in the grand scheme of things, but the math has been driving me insane…


I’ve gotten so used to doing the majority of my fandoming on tumblr, where I can hit the ignore button on any poster who’s opinion is too annoying to bear.  Talking on a forum where I can’t ignore the posts by the idiot calling Claire Beauchamp a Mary Sue is really irritating. 

Oh my god, a woman character who’s backstory is full of travel with a lack of modern amenities, an education in medicine, and a botany hobby, all of which perfectly explains why she’s able to adapt to life in the 17th century and help out as a healer even without the benefit of modern medicines.  Clearly she’s otherworldy perfect and has no flaws even though the show has pointed out that she has flaws like being a really terrible liar and not good at subterfuge which would really come in handy to her ultimate goal of escaping and it’s pretty clear there are plenty of characters who don’t like her and think she’s a spy or witch. 

But, I mean, she’s competent at her professional craft even in unideal circumstances, so MARY SUE1!!5EVAR!!!.

I saw that post (if that is the one I think of - on a message board discussing the latest ep, having to do with botany) and rolled my eyes so hard they almost fell out of my head. She is a nurse with an interest in botany - a useful skill but hardly making her all-knowledgeable. If she knew botany, firearms, weaving, clan politics etc all at once, than maybe. 

Also, it’s a hugely gendered insult. I adore Twain’s Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court but noticeably nobody calls the protagonist a male equivalent of Mary Sue despite the fact that his useful in the past skills leave Claire in the dust - he is a mechanic with a memory for almanac dates of the period he is in and past history and can fix and make anything.

I actually like that for once the time-traveler is not so hapless and clueless that it’s a miracle that they don’t die within 2 minutes of getting to the past.

I've mentioned to you before how much the end of Outlander bothered me, but it's almost worse with Sam Heughan because he actually manages to project a sweet sort of boyish innocence that Jamie was supposed to have in the novel, but that I didn't expect them to find an actor capable of. Ugh...I'm just bracing for impact now.

Oh yes, I am going to peek through my fingers and a box of kleenex nearby. I liked book!Jamie but I love show!Jamie who somehow seems even more real (and is the most adorable puppy in existence despite all the rough stuff in his past). He is so endearingly open and optimistic…sigh. 

I realize they are never going to get rid of that particular plot point because it’s so important to plot and emotional states of characters but I really wish they could minimize it or, at least, make it much less explicit and detailed than in the book, which could still give me nightmares. This being starz, my hopes are probably unfounded.

Guuuuuh! Is this period equivalent of taking the girl to see the new hot band on a date?

I just - this level of cute should be illegal.

I would never want to stay in an era without showers and antibiotics for anyone, but this show is seriously straining that conviction!

This is here because it’s too fucking pretty not to be.

Is it me, or is he totally trying to impress the girl he likes with his whole “I was totally brave to come here as a boy! I know Latin and Greek! Like me like me like me like me like meeeeee” thing.

Seriously, I have no idea how someone manages to both be an adorable puppy and sexy mcseximus at the same time, but Jamie succeeds.

Look at Claire and Jamie, being all warriors for justice, rescuing small boys from pillories and smoldering at the same time.Maybe they should get their own period Law and Order show.

Go Team!

Jealous Claire (sure, sure, you are just missing Frank. Suuuuuuure) is so freaking awesome!

If there is one thing I admire about Claire, it’s her dedication to getting Jamie undressed. His bandages get more attention than those of a pharaoh’s mummy. 

I thoroughly approve. 

Also, their chemistry continues out of this world, and her caressing her fingers all over his shoulder and collarbone (for science! for science!) is totally not helping with his Kilimanjaro-sized crush. 

What is he going to do once he finally heals? I have a hilarious image in my head of him trying to decide whether it’s better to fall off a horse or ‘accidentally’ get shot by a friendly fire so he can go back to Claire for treatment.