Musings of the Obsessive Kind

I made unearthly, whale-type noises during all the Bash-Kenna scenes. 

I ship them so hard, it’s a bit ridiculous, considering how fast I started.

"You’re a good guy, right?"

"No, I am not. But you want to make me be one."

Cliche City and I want to live in it forever!!!

Taylor: That thing you did with your…you know. Is that an Atrian thing?

Drake: Nah, it’s a Drake thing.

Taylor: Well, I liked it.

Drake: You’re not so bad yourself.

You have no idea how much I ship Taylor and Drake (who is surely the worst member of ‘let’s kill all humans’ secret alien organization ever). 

I love their playful vibe, and how they allow themselves to be vulnerable around each other, and that they are joyfully sexual and the narrative is not punishing them for it. 

"You tell Marcel if I see him again, I will kill him."

OMFG, he is jealous!!! I honestly don’t care if it’s because he is romantically interested in her, or because he views her as “his” in the sense of someone he feels a non-romantic connection with (because Klaus is hella possessive of his siblings, and he doesn’t want to jump their bones). I do care that she is in his emotional inner circle, if it makes sense.

Honestly, I love their relationship so much, whichever way the show will want to take it.

The way he looks at her - as if she is his whole world, as if he is bowled over anew every time he sees her - is the best damn thing about this awesome drama.

Best wedding night ever.

I have no idea why so many of PSH dramas involve scar kissing but since I love it, I don’t really care.

More of arguably my favorite kdrama lovers…

One of my favorite TPM scenes.

Where he tells her that is true he slept holding his sword because he used to think there was nobody he could trust and he longed for someone to trust because maybe then he could sleep. And she puts his head on her shoulder and tells him to have a good dream and he wonders that she’s brought something else he thought was lost forever to him - ability to sleep well. And he falls asleep and doesn’t wake up even when she strokes his face. He doesn’t just love her, he needs her for his sanity and even for his physical well-being. Guuuuuh.

I have a mad pash to rewatch The Princess’ Man, the gorgeous period romance about star-crossed and almost-doomed lovers. I mean, they were hopeless even before her father massacred his entire family and overthrew his King, not to mention did his level best to murder him. I am still in shock, years later, that the drama gave them a happy ending.

I especially adore Seung Yoo who goes from laid-back, funny intellectual to a feral wreck to a functional and determined (though still way messed up) leader. Mmmmm.

Ahhh, young love….