Musings of the Obsessive Kind

I have no deep thoughts, just that Lotte Verbeek is ridiculously pretty…

That was very Mafia in Kilts…

Now, if ever a family should be on Jerry Springer…

I am so excited about the new season of Reign, I have no words.

Also, the Kenna x Bash stuff in the preview makes my shippy self die of shippy overload.

There is even a haystack, that staple of period romantic fiction, and yet the clothes stay on, every freaking damn layer of them!

I don’t know if they are sexually frustrated, but I sure am with LACK OF MAKE-OUTS!!!!!! 

Preserve my sanity, starz and give me Claire-Jamie make-outs. You are a premium cable channel, act like it before I explode!

My blood pressure thanks you in advance.

Jamie at the fealty ceremony, finding a way out through a crazy combo of guts and brains. Two points:

1. I used to be obsessed with Sir Walter Scott’s Scottish novels and seeing this scene was like seeing one of them come to life. I will now imagine these actors as characters in half those novels, I swear.

2. Claire, this is so NOT the look of a woman who is either (a) indifferent (b) merely friendly (c) interested in as a nurse in her patient and/or (d) OK with Laoghaire (sp?) hooking up with Mr. McTavish.

Seriously girl, put Jamie and the audience out of our misery and jump his bones ASAP. 

Je suis prest…

I think I need a lie down. 

Seriously, Jamie speaking French is ashajhdkjhgjughrjhgjrhgrjg. Especially, since “I am ready” is definitely appropriate - he is definitely ready to improvise his way out of a deadly, no-exit situation on zero notice (and while he did his best to avoid it. he is more than capable of dealing with it when he has to).


I can’t remember the last time I crushed so hard on a show hero. 

Claire, if you don’t want him, I’ll take him, no inoculations and 18th-century hygiene and all. Seriously, Holy Fuck.

Also, the chemistry continues to make me claw at the wall for them to make out. I will probably spontaneously combust if and when they do.

Hmmm, apparently if you return too many kindle books on amazon, they disable the feature, as I just found out :)

Fair enough, but I wish they’d sent me a notification as to why the return option magically disappeared as opposed to me having to google if I had a glitch.

I suppose I will have to change my amazon habits now. I usually buy a bunch of books together, browse them and decide if to keep them or not (I dislike free sample because I like to sample the middle, not the beginning). 

I am a speed-reader who reads a lot and I do own over 1000 kindle books, so I do keep the bulk of the books I get, I just get so many that even a small percentage returned is a lot. Hmmmm. I guess I can flip through them in a bookstore to see if it’s my thing after all. 

jamie was flogged twice at fort william after he was taken there when BJR + his buddies came to ransack the place and so they whipped him there and then took him to fort william -- we hear the fort william story of those two floggings in more detail later

Thank you for the explanation - I was pretty confused.

Someone needs to put Black Jack down with extreme prejudice ASAP but I suppose there won’t be a story if they did it this early. Ugh, he gives me the extreme creeps and not just because I know what he does later. Now, that’s someone who should not see the outside of a cell. Or a psych ward.

Outlander question

I am completely confused so maybe a kind soul can help me figure it out?

Jamie says he was flogged twice, once for trying to escape Fort William and the second time for theft - from context, it’s clear he was flogged AT Fort William (how would someone flog him for trying to escape the fort before he got there? And the theft thing was after that). 

But when we get that flashback with Black Jack and his Rapey Soldiers, he’s flogging Jamie outside his house, in a makeshift sort of set-up, to get his sister to bed. 

So I am completely confused - is this an extra flogging that Jamie doesn’t even count because that sort of thing is so common in his life (yikes!), what’s one more beating as long as it’s not too scarringly severe, or am I confused and it’s supposed to be one of his two floggings at Randall’s hands - the escape/theft thing?

I realize it doesn’t matter either way in the grand scheme of things, but the math has been driving me insane…