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My ouat edit

This is so very gorgeous…

Oh, and while I am on a snowing roll, this MV is so pretty…

So excited OUAT is coming back soon! 

Also that means more Snow x Charming. They are perfect…(see example from s1 above), People love Emma x Hook and rightly so but I confess that I am even more into Snow x Charming than I am into tough modern lady and sexy pirate :) 

OMG, this Kang To x Mok Dan MV is so so so so gorgeous (and spoiler as hell). 

I loved Gaksital to bits when it first aired but the more time passes by, the more I appreciate just how perfect it was. It never dragged (even with the extension), it was gorgeous from beginning to end, the love story was so perfect and fucked up and complicated - because Kang To did not start as a heroic freedom fighter but instead a Japanese lackey, driven by desperation and lashing out at everyone in his self-hatred and slowly evolved into a vengeance-driven machine and then a true selfless hero - it not only allowed Joo Won to give a performance of a lifetime, it made the move story so hauntingly complicated and occasionally very dark. I confess my favorite parts of it were the middle portion when he knew she was his one and forever childhood love and he has already donned the avenger persona but she didn’t yet know and loathed Kang To the collaborationist even as she slowly fell in love with the masked hero. Guuuuuuuh the angst! Remember the part where he had to whip her to keep his cover? 

Gaksital was basically perfect…

So, I have been rewatching bits and pieces of The Lost World, and yup, still ship Marguerite x Roxton. Chemistry + prettiness + shameless pandering to shippers = happy happy me. 

I mean, the show has scenes like the above, where they are both captured by a bunch of psychos and he’s shot so she has to cauterize the wound with a hot poker and we get hurt/comfort and jail make-outs and just guuuuuuuh. Did I mention he got shot in the first place because the bad guy was threatening Marguerite so of course he dropped his own gun? Mmmmmmm.

Plus, this show has lizard people. I am sorry, any show that has lizard people automatically wins everything…

you'll find out that frank actually has multiple mistresses so he's everything but a great husband

Oh, I read Dragonfly in Amber so I know he does in that book but:

(a) TV Frank and Book Frank seem to be very different. I can’t say Book Frank registered with me at all but TV Frank is pretty awesome and it’s clear his marriage with Claire is portrayed as a lot happier and awesome than that marriage is in the book. I had zero interest in Claire going back to Book Frank.

(b) Mistresses suck but I am pretty sure that marriage was dead from the moment Claire came back carrying another man’s child and that man was someone she loved with all her heart and soul. Frank and Claire stuck together out of sheer stubbornness and determination but it really was never going to work. The healthiest thing for them both at that time was for them to walk away from each other forever. So yeah, while I am not big on adultery (which both of them committed because I always thought ‘your husband is not born yet so technically it’s not cheating’ was a huge cop-out. According to that logic a time traveller can have ten spouses, one in each period he/she visits), I ended up just feeling sorry for them both because if it wasn’t for that trip to the past, there is a decent chance they would have had a working marriage (or not because Book Frank is nowhere as cool as TV Frank).

So basically, if I were Claire, I’d go back to TV Frank in a second. Much as I adore Jamie to bits…dilemmas dilemmas. But I think antibiotics and hot baths would incline me to my 1940s marriage if nothing else will :)

Have you read all the books? I stopped about a hundred pages into the book after Voyager.

Yeah, that’s where I stopped too. The first half of Voyager is my favorite in the series (all that loneliness and longing and the reunion - gorgeous. Plus, Brianna x Roger are adorable. I wish they stayed in the 1960s and had a cool 1960s romance) but the second half piles on too much stuff IMO and all the Geillis stuff was a bit OTT. And once the setting shifted to the New World for good I lost interest because 18th century Europe = I am all eyes and ears, 18th century New World = very much not my area of interest. (Now, if they somehow managed to time travel to preColombian South America…)

re: Outlander, they *did* have BDSM clubs back then! The phrase "BDSM" wasn't a thing yet, but there were brothels and other private establishments that catered to what was known as "the English vice" of receiving sexual gratification from being spanked, switched, and/or flogged (or doing the flogging, as in BJR's case). But that said, the harshness and violence of BJR's flogging would've been considered beyond the pale even for those establishments.

That is fascinating, thank you. I had no idea! I wonder why it was called ‘the English vice.’ 

But yeah, BJR wasn’t going to have much success with his urges anywhere short of creating a serial killer basement (or maybe finding a complimentary sort of fellow lunatic - I remember there was a German (?) cannibal who actually found someone who wanted to be eaten so I suppose even BJR could find a partner maybe). 

do you only watch korean dramas or all types of asian dramas (hk, chinese, jap, etc)? :)

Any. Nothing is as good as a good period Mainland drama. I watch mostly Korean though. But yes, HK, Mainland, Taiwan, Japan even lakorns occasionally :)

Hey, I remember reading your LJ back when I used to follow kdramas closely. You got me into My Girl, so I was happy to see the two leads in a new drama, Hotel King. I know you watched some of it but did you end up liking it to the end?

Drama itself wasn’t very good but LDH/LDW was pretty amazing throughout and the ending made me see sparkles and rainbows…